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Wayne’s Gym a historic landmark in Centurion since 1991.  We had a dream and vision to serve our community with our knowledge, ability and understanding of the health industry.

The success we had as professional and competitive sports people, helped us not only create a gym family where many champions were born, but also seen many young members start families of their own and become leaders in the community.

In the 30 years of up and downs, as the health industry was many times affected by economic trends, we managed to stay competitive in the gym industry and always opted to adapt and keep our family gym open for the community.

Now we faced with the Covid -19 pandemic.  5 Months our doors were closed because of the lockdown and again we adapted by respecting the stay home, stay safe policy and helped the community with a brand-new idea – THE GYM EQUIPMENT RENTAL PROGRAM.  During this period, we realized there is a definite interest and demand for continuing the equipment rental program after the Covid 19.

Three reasons for this current interest is:

  1. people fear returning to the gym,
  2. there will always be the person preferring to train at home and
  3. the opportunity to change equipment on a regular basis avoiding boredom.

Wayne’s Gym has taken note of this demand in an uncertain and frustrating period and opted to continue with the gym rental program.

 Why rent gym equipment?

Under the current situation of Covid 19 and the restriction of only 50 people in the gym facility at any given time, we can facilitate and help you with our rental program.

In many cases over the past few years, we all know of the person that has bought a treadmill or training cycle for the house. This soon becomes a clothes hanger and white elephant in the room. This mostly happens because the boredom sets in, and there is no coaching or guidance as to when you go to a gym facility.  At the gym facility you have a option of various equipment, this helps with the boredom of working on the same apparatus every day.

So, to overcome this challenge faced when you home training, we included in our rental program the SWOPPING OUT OF EQUIPMENT. Meaning that if you got a rower for a period, we can under the same rental agreement, swop it out for a bench and dumbbells, so that you can continue training and keep interest in your program, specially designed and overseen by our very own personal trainers of Wayne’s Gym.

How do I rent equipment?

Complete the form below and one of the Wayne’s Gym team will reach out to you with a list of available equipment.

Once you decided on the equipment that will serve your needs, there is an agreement to be completed and signed with a deposit and delivery fee. Monthly payments are paid upfront by debit order or EFT, 7 (seven) days after before your monthly invoice date.

Personal Training assistance

Wayne’s gym also offers personal training assistance at home for an additional fee.   For your convenience, a personal trainer on standby can help with questions and a program to maximize the workout on the gym equipment you have at home for a additional fee.

Repairs and Service

With the swopping program, please contact the Wayne’s Gym team, and request another apparatus to be delivered at home.  An additional delivery fee will be charged for this and will be subject to availability.

Repairs and service of equipment will be done at Wayne’s Gym, or the equipment will be taken to the factory with an alternative replacement machine for you to continue with your exercise program.

Intentional damage to any equipment will be for your account.  Please ensure you double check any damage to the equipment on delivery.

A small insurance will be applicable and included on your agreement for all equipment.

The term of the rental program will be month to month with a minimum of 30 days’ notice period.  Any additional days will be charged pro rata if applicable.

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